2014 Year End Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Braille Circulating Library,
I want to thank each of you for the part you played in making 2014 such a blessed year for the BCL. Your prayer and financial support helped to bring about many accomplishments for this special ministry. During 2014, we were able to complete the Braille Hymnal Project. This Braille Hymnal is now available to any blind person or ministry around the world. In conjunction with this project, the First Baptist Church of Richmond sponsored a benefit concert for the BCL featuring blind singer and songwriter, Ken Medema. This concert was a wonderful blessing and encouragement to all who attended. Tremendous progress has also been made on the renovations to the BCL building. Bill Jeffries’ masterful work is transforming the BCL building from being old and worn out, to refreshing and inviting. My heart is over-whelmed by God’s goodness and his grace. Thank you again for your support.

As 2015 begins, the BCL will be entering its 90th year of service to the blind. As I consider all the improvements being made to the BCL building, the positive relationships with the neighbors of the BCL, the VRCBVI, the NFB, the Richmond Host Lions Club, and foundations that have supported the BCL, I believe the next 10 years for the BCL will be very exciting. I want to share with you the vision I have for the BCL :

1. Continue to provide Christian and inspirational materials free of charge as has been the historic mission of the BCL. I would like to see this expanded by seeking to employ a blind person who has the training and technical abilities to make full usage of the Braille translation and embossing equipment the BCL has.

2. Promote Braille literacy by offering Braille instruction at the BCL building. I would like to see the BCL employ a blind Braille instructor. As blind students learn Braille they can then be encouraged to read the Christian Braille books the BCL has and evangelism and discipleship can be achieved.

3. I would like to see the BCL web site expanded for more interactive usage. I would like to see a section for the old “Talking Book Records” to be listened to or down loaded, as well as the cassette department tapes - possibly a classic sermon or Bible study section.

4. Support fellowship with the blind community through special events and activities: outings, ball games, meet the blind events, Bible studies, etc.

5. Encourage integration and discipleship of the blind through the local church. Put into Braille: hymns, songs, sermon notes, sermon outlines, church announcements, Bible study materials, etc.
Will all this come to pass? I don’t know. But what I do know is that since 1925 God has miraculously used and provided for the BCL. Will you continue to help us see this vision come to pass? Will you send us a special year end gift to help us enter 2015? Thank you in advance for your continued prayer and financial support. I pray that the Lord will pour out His blessings upon you. Thank you once again.

Serving Him,
Rev. Brian J. Barton, Sr., Executive Director
The Braille Circulating Library for the Blind, Inc.
2700 Stuart Ave.
Richmond, Virginia 23220