From the Executive Director

In 1925, the concept of a faith ministry to reach and serve the blind community with the Scripture and Christian literature was the vision of Louise McCraw and James McConkey. Now in its ninth decade of operation, the Braille Circulating Library continues to fulfill that vision. The Braille Circulating Library is a tax-exempt, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that does not charge for any of its services, incurs no debt, operates on a cash basis, receives no federal or state funding, but is sustained by concerned individuals, foundations, and churches. It is unique to note that few ministries have been in continuous operation for so long a period of time without an endowment or some other source of funding. The Braille Circulating Library is truly a "faith ministry".

In studying Hebrews 11, I was blessed by the following discussion on the question, What is faith like? "Faith means believing in and obeying God, which requires relying on what we cannot see - God's promises, provisions and concerns for us. An inner attitude alone does not define faith, though. For faith to be present, action is required. Faith proves itself by obedience to the Lord. The writer of Hebrews expressed faith in two directions: faith toward future things (what we hope for) and faith toward invisible things (what we do not see). When we are certain God is in control of these areas (and we live like he is in control), that's faith. The two sides of faith - assurance and expectation- can be seen in the lives of those listed in Hebrews chapter 11. They had strong convictions about unseen present realities. They also had a strong assurance that God's promises would be fulfilled-even in the face of evidence that seemed to suggest otherwise. Ultimately, the way we see God will determine the shape of our faith. If we see a big, faithful, all-powerful God, then our faith will rise to those levels. If, on the other hand, we see a smaller God, a distant or less active God, then faith will plateau at those levels."
After reading that, I had to ask myself how I see God. Is He big or is He small? I believe Louise McCraw and James McConkey saw a big, faithful, all-powerful God. They believed if God wanted the Braille Circulating Library to serve the blind, "He will surely furnish the necessary funds". The Lord has miraculously provided for this ministry through peoples' faithful obedience. The dear saint who remembered The Braille Circulating Library in her will, the foundation directors who approved grants for our capital needs, and the faithful friends who send their sacrificial support have all been used by God to provide for this ministry. Many improvements have been made in the last 5 years to increase our service to the blind, but much more can still be done. Will you help? The Braille Circulating Library has always maintained a complete dependence on God and the use of prayer as a means of bringing forth God's power to sustain this ministry. We are committed to see this work continue to provide and empower the blind to achieve their highest levels of independence by making the Scripture and Christian literature available-at no cost, by promoting Braille literacy, and by supporting fellowship and discipleship of the blind, so that they can be more fully integrated into the personal, spiritual, social, cultural, and vocational life of the community. I believe in a BIG God. I am praying that the Lord will touch your heart to have you become a regular supporter of this ministry.

I am excited about all that the Lord has done and is doing at the Braille Circulating Library. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. May our faith and our actions live up to the size of our BIG God.