Welcome to the Braille Circulating Library!

From its humble beginning in 1925, the Braille Circulating Library originally served only the state of Virginia, but its outreach now spans the entire United States, many foreign countries and countless more with the Library on the web! Please use this website to find out more information on the Library and to contact us with any questions.

Library Needs

Since the Braille Library operates soley on donated funds and time given by volunteer support, we have ongoing needs.

1. Prayer Support - The sincere prayers of God's people are sought in that the Lord will see fit to continue to bless this ministry.

2. Increased Outreach - We seek to minister to as many visually and physically impaired individuals as possible. New opportunities for service are always welcome.

3. New Volunteers - To continue effectively serve our readers, new volunteers are needed to "stand in the gap" with our current volunteers.  read more »

Silver Publishing Society

Thirty-seven booklet messages and six book messages written by James McConkey are available to the public. They are distributed by the Silver Publishing Society, a division of the Braille Circulating Library. These materials are sent free of charge to anyone interested in receiving these inspirational materials. A listing of the publications is available here.

About the Library

All ministry materials are sent free of charge to our visually handicapped readers. There is no postage necessary for mailing materials to and from the Braille Circulating Library. Patrons are allowed eight weeks to use the materials before returning them. When materials are sent, a card with the recipient's name and address is on the front. The Library's return address is on the back of the card so the materials can be easily sent back. When the materials are returned, the patron is eligible to receive additional materials.  read more »

History & Purpose

The Braille Circulating Library has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1925. It is unique in that it is the only Braille library in existence that is solely dedicated to the dissemination of Christian/inspirational literature, at no cost, to the visually and physically handicapped.

The Braille Circulating Library makes and distributes Braille books, cassette tapes, recordings, and large print books on a loan basis to handicapped individuals in all fifty states and many foreign countries.  read more »

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